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  1. Who owns Stareast International?
  2. How long has Stareast been in business?
  3. Who are Stareast International Pty Ltd customers?
  4. What's the best reason for me to consider Stareast International Pty Ltd as my supplier?
  5. Where is Stareast International Pty Ltd located?
  6. What are your business hours?
  7. Opening an Account with Stareast; How do I open a credit trading account? I am a reseller or trade or standard customer.
  8. What are Stareast International's payment terms?
  9. When does a customer go on stop supply?
  10. Who do I speak to if I have a query regarding my account?
  11. How do I get my name on Stareast International's mailing list?
  12. Can I order online?
  13. Can I order via email?
  14. Can I order via facsimile (Fax)?
  15. Can I order via telephone?
  16. Can I order via post/mail?
  17. What if I need to know urgently whether a product is available and in the quantities required?
  18. What is Stareast International Pty Ltd EDI ordering?
  19. How secure is the Stareast International Pty Ltd website?
  20. What is secured encryption?
  21. How does encryption work?
  22. How secure is encryption?
  23. How much will I be charged for postage or delivery?
  24. My products have not arrived yet. When will they be delivered? How long until my order arrives?
  25. What if my order does not arrive?
  26. What will the invoice tell me about the status of my order?
  27. Can I receive a back order report on a regular basis?
  28. If I place orders on-line via Stareast International's web page, do I need to re-key the orders in order to have a hard copy for my own records?
  29. What are the advantages of emailing orders as opposed to faxing them?
  30. Returns policy, How do I do this?
  31. There is an error on my invoice. How do I take care of this?
  32. I have an issue about a product(s) that failed? I have an issue with a staff member at Stareast and how they handled my problem!
  33. What form of payment does Stareast International Pty Ltd accept?
  34. What's the procedure for changing from paying by cheque to paying by direct debit deposit?
  35. Can I buy with a credit card or Purchase Order?
  36. When can I pay by credit card?
  37. What's the procedure for paying by credit card?
  38. How can I ask for technical information or help?
  39. Where can I get an MSDS sheet for products I have ordered?
  40. Where does the issue of licensing and compliance come in?
  41. What other restrictions might affect the way I do business with Stareast International Pty Ltd Pty Ltd?
  42. What are your plans for international expansion?
  43. Does Stareast International Pty Ltd regularly ship its products to foreign markets?
  44. Can Stareast International Pty Ltd supply products in Full Container Loads (FCL)?
  45. What if i need an urgent part(s) outside your normal trade counter operating hours?