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  1. Who owns Stareast International?
    Stareast international is an Australian family owned and operated business. It is a privately owned company and is independently operated.

  2. How long has Stareast been in business?
    Stareast International Pty Ltd was incorporated in December 1994 in Sydney, Australia. The early focus of the company was to serve the appliance spare parts industry as to the survival of the appliance repair industry and to satisfy our customers with the best quality products at the most competitive price.

    Today, Stareast International Pty Ltd is predominantly focused on providing Engineering Solutions to the HVAC&R industry - including design, manufacture and supply of HVAC&R equipment, parts and refrigerant gases.

    In addition, Stareast International still supplies one of the largest ranges of appliance parts in Australia - providing a wide range of innovative and quality products.


  3. Who are Stareast International Pty Ltd customers?
    Since its incorporation, Stareast International Pty Ltd has built a major customer base supplying trade and wholesale customers. Today, Stareast International Pty Ltd is serving the HVAC&R and appliance industries as one of the leading suppliers in these areas.

  4. What's the best reason for me to consider Stareast International Pty Ltd as my supplier?
    Since we are a primary distributor of a wide range of HVAC&R equipment, parts and refrigerant gases as well as appliance spare parts, it is very likely that we can provide you with the product you need at the most competitive price and with the personal service that you require.

    There is also an opportunity for Stareast International Pty Ltd to assist in enhancing and improving the service quality that you personally or your organisation currently provides by using Stareast International's quality range of products. The friendly team at Stareast International Pty Ltd are courteous and always willing to provide the best knowledge and expert advice by offering solutions to meet your personal or your organisation's requirements.

    In addition, we strive to maintain a competitive price while not compromising quality as a result. As your business expands, our organisation has the ability to meet any purchases your business may require at the most competitive prices. We would like to assist in playing a part in growing your business and helping increase your profits by supplying our products at the most competitive price available. We are an alternative product supplier without the expensive prices.

  5. Where is Stareast International Pty Ltd located?
    Our office was incorporated in Sydney, Australia in 1994. Our office and warehouses (3500 square meters) are located at 43-45 Bryant Street, Padstow, Sydney NSW 2211 Australia.

  6. What are your business hours?
    Stareast International Pty Ltd business hours are from 7:45 am till 5:00 pm (Sydney EST) Monday to Friday. The offices are closed on Saturday and Sunday, however the trade counter is open from 8.30am until 1 pm on Saturday.

  7. Opening an Account with Stareast; How do I open a credit trading account? Am I a reseller, trade or wholesale customer?
    Stareast now requires at least 3-6 months of COD trading before an account with us can be considered. You will need to get in touch with us after this time has passed, preferably via email (sales@stareast.com.au) and we will be able to inform you whether you are eligible for a credit account once your monthly purchases have been reviewed. We will then reply to your email with the relevant account forms. Please note: our terms of trade are 30 days from End Of Month.

    Please refer to our First Time Visitors Page to see who is eligble to apply for a COD account. You can also CLICK HERE to download our COD account form.

    CLICK HERE for the form to change  your business details.

    CLICK HERE for the form to request an increase in your account credit limit.

    Stareast will determine wether or not you qualify for standard online, trade or wholesale pricing on a customer by customer basis. Please speak to one of our friendly staff to enquire. 


  8. What are Stareast International's account payment terms?
    Strictly 30 days from date of statement for account holders.


  9. When does a customer go on stop supply?
    When the credit limit is exceeded and/or the account is overdue.


  10. Who do I speak to if I have a query regarding my account?
    Please contact Stareast International Pty Ltd via either:
    • From Australia - Phone: 02 9792 5988
    • From Overseas - Phone: +61 2 9792 5988
    • From Australia Fax: 02 9792 5944 or From Overseas Fax: +61 2 9792 5944
    • Email: Enquiry Form

    - and ask for customer accounts.


  11. How do I get my name on Stareast International's mailing list?

    With over 10,000 product lines available and more and more products being added annually, Stareast International Pty Ltd has a responsibility to keep customers informed on new items, promotional items and newsletters relating to exciting changes happening within our business. To ensure you stay up to date, we suggest you add your self to our mailing list. 

    The easiest way to join the mailing list is to become a member of our website by registering here. If you would like to receive promotions and newsletters, you can join the official mailing list by clicking here and entering your details. Please note after you enter your information you MUST still confirm your email address to be officially on the mailing list.

    If you change your email address please inform us of the new one. 

  12. Can I order online?
    Yes, anyone in Australia and even around the world can order online.

    For HVAC+R Equipment and Spare Parts, CLICK HERE

    For Heating and Electrical Components, CLICK HERE

    For General Appliance Spares, CLICK HERE

    If you would prefer to view the majority of the entire SEI range of products in a pdf format, head over to the spare parts catalogue section of the website. You can then even make an EXPRESS ORDER by entering the part number and the quantity required. If you are a logged in trade or wholesale customer, you will also have access to any PDF technical information we may have associated with the product. Please note however that International customers will have requirements to meet before an order is released. This information is provided at the time of order. (Note: Customers requesting to be identified as either a Trade or Wholesale customer need to be approved by our management staff).

  13. Can I order via email?
    Yes, you can. You can place an order with Stareast International Pty Ltd via our Enquiry Form at any time.


  14. Can I order via facsimile (Fax)?
    Yes, you can. You can place an order with Stareast International Pty Ltd via fax at any time. The sales fax number is form Australia 02 9792 5944 or from Overseas +61 2 9792 5944, this fax machine can handle any fax.

    (NOTE: we guarantee a fax line that is never busy)


  15. Can I order via telephone?
    Yes, you can. Business hours for telephone sales are 7.45 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. (AEST) Monday to Friday. Please contact Stareast International Pty Ltd from Australia on 02 9792 5988 or from overseas on +61 2 9792 5988. 


  16. Can I order via post/mail?
    Yes, you can. You can place an order with Stareast International Pty Ltd via post/mail at any time. Please print off and  post/mail our order form with your order and payment to:

    Sales Department
    Stareast International Pty Ltd
    PO Box 302
    Padstow NSW 2211


  17. What if I need to know urgently whether a product is available and in the quantities required?

    Please contact Stareast International Pty Ltd via either:

    • From Australia - Phone: 02 9792 5988
    • From Overseas - Phone: +61 2 9792 5988
    • From Australia Fax: 02 9792 5944 or From Overseas Fax: +61 2 9792 5944
    • Email: Enquiry Form

    A response will be provided either same day or overnight.


  18. What is Stareast International Pty Ltd EDI ordering?
    EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a service offered to all our account-holding customers. It allows us to accept orders electronically. You can place an electronic order via your account screen. Advantages of EDI ordering include:
    • reduced telephone and fax costs
    • improved control and management of stock
    • reduced administration time and costs
    • acknowledgment of purchase order


    These are just some of the benefits, to find out more simply call our staff from Australia on 02 9792 5988 or fill out our Enquiry Form.


  19. How secure is the Stareast International Pty Ltd website?
    Stareast International Pty Ltd currently offers two levels of security to help safeguard the company and your personal and credit card information by password and encryption. Your password must be entered every time you log on to the Stareast International Pty Ltd website. Remember; always keep your password confidential. The credit card payments are held in a secured server and handled by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia merchant services.


  20. What is secured encryption?
    Encryption technology allows secure transmittal of information via the Internet by encoding the transmitted data using a mathematical formula that scrambles the data. Without a corresponding decoder, the transmission would look like nonsense text and would be unusable.


  21. How does encryption work?
    Basic encryption - involves the transmission of data from one party to another. The sender encodes the data by scrambling it and then sends it on. The receiver must decode the data with the correct decoder in order to read and use it.

    Strong encryption - all data sent to and from the Stareast International Pty Ltd website is scrambled and reassembled between Stareast International Pty Ltd and your personal computer to protect your personal and financial information. The highest level of encryption generally available today in countries outside the USA is 128-bit encryption. It means there are 1,099,511,627,776,214 possible combinations of keys but only one that will unlock the information.


  22. How secure is encryption?
    The effectiveness (or level of security) of encryption is measured in terms of how long the key is. The longer the key, the longer it would take for someone without the correct decoder to break the code. The length of the key is measured in bits; for example, 40-bit encryption is the level used with many browsers, but 128-bit encryption (available only in the USA) is classified as weapons-grade encryption. A 40-bit key has 1,099,511,627,776 possible different combinations. For a 128-bit key there are 3.4 x 1038 possible different combinations.


  23. How much will I be charged for postage or delivery?

    CLICK HERE for information on how Stareast charges freight, handling and other freight handling services and fees.


  24. My products have not arrived yet. When will they be delivered? How long until my order arrives?
    If you have provided us with an email address at the time of your order, or you are a credit/cash account customer with a current and valid email address stored with us, you will receive an email with detailed tracking numbers and carrier information once your order has been dispatched and picked up by the courier via IFS (Integrated Freight Systems). Please regularly check your email accounts for such information when it becomes available.

    This page has a lot of useful information regarding delivery times. In general, delivery times vary depending on your location and the type of items being sent. For example, within Sydney metro, your order should arrive the next working day if your order is placed before the 1pm cut-off time. For other areas, it may take between one and five working days to arrive depending on the area the goods will be delivered to. Stareast currently use Fastway Couriers, Direct Freight Express and Australia Post to dispatch goods. Metro areas within Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong are zones where we offer a next day delivery service. If orders are placed before 1pm for these areas, Stareast together with these freight services can ensure your parts are recieved the next business day.

    New Zealand shipments are sea and air-freighted. Allow one to two weeks for delivery. International shipments are sea or air-freighted. Allow one to three weeks for delivery. A better time can be provided by just asking us before you place the order. If you do not have an email address, or there are issues surrounding your order delivery, you can check your order status by contacting our friendly staff on phone 02 97925988 or international +61 2 9792 5988. Alternatively, you can also fill out our Enquiry Form.

  25. What if my order does not arrive?
    Please contact Stareast International Pty Ltd IMMEDIATELY via either:
    • From Australia Phone: 02 9792 5988
    • From Overseas Phone: +61 2 9792 5988
    • From Australia Fax: 02 9792 5944 or from Overseas Fax: +61 2 9792 5944
    • Email: Enquiry Form

    When making enquiries about your order, please provide your account number, order number and any other order information.

    Courier websites and tracking information will be provided on request if your order has not arrived. Our staff are capable of searching for your goods immediately and are able to give answers to your questions usually on the spot. As you can imagine, there are many variables that can ascertain as to why a delivery has not or could not be made. We ask you for your patience and understanding with our staff while they swiftly get to the bottom of this type of enquiry. 


  26. What will the invoice tell me about the status of my order?
    The invoice will list products supplied and items on back order with the appropriate status of those products and items. The invoice also lists the number of items with a decimal point, i.e. a qty of 1.0 instead of just 1 item. This is due to the fact Stareast also makes available for purchase refrigerant that can be sold to the nearest 100g, eg. 1.4KG. 

  27. Can I receive a back order report on a regular basis?
    Yes, you can. Stareast International Pty Ltd can provide a back order report upon request. Fill out our Enquiry Form or call 02 9792 5988.


  28. If I place orders on-line via Stareast International's web page, do I need to re-key the orders in order to have a hard copy for my own records?
    No, you do not. When you have placed the order, you will be given a unique order number for that order. The order number, in conjunction with the order details can be printed off if required. You receive a confirmation via email as well. 

  29. What are the advantages of emailing orders as opposed to faxing them?
    Email is significantly cheaper and more confidential than phone or fax. Your order is received on the day it is sent (except for weekends and you will also receive an email confirmation of your order).


  30. Returns policy, How do I do this?
    Stareast provide a 12 month warranty replacement. If manufacturers provide an extended warranty, notice will be given with relevant marketing material.

    Please familiarise yourself with our warranty card which can be found by CLICKING HERE

    For more information about our returns policy, CLICK HERE

    You will require returns approval before sending us your returns. The GRA (Goods Returned Authorisation) form must be filled in correctly and can be found when you CLICK HERE. Please attach our address (45 Bryant Street Padstow NSW 2211) on the parcel/s to be returned.

    Please contact our friendly staff on 02 97925988 or international +61 2 9792 5988 or alternatively, fill out our Enquiry Form and have your proof of purchase invoice information handy for standard item returns. Without the invoice you are unable to return the product. In some cases with management approval only, you are able to return goods without proof of purchase.

    Please also note, if an item has been installed or used, it cannot be returned. 


  31. There appears to be an error on my invoice. How do I take care of this?
    Please contact our staff from Australia on 02 9792 5988 or from Overseas on +61 2 9792 5988 and have your order information handy or alternatively, fill out our Enquiry Form with all the relevant information and we will be happy to handle this for you.


  32. I have an issue about a product(s) that failed? I have an issue with a staff member at Stareast International and how they handled my problem!
    Please ask for our Engineering Manager for product fault related issues and our General Manager for any staff related issues. Call us on 02 9792 5988 and they will take care of the problem personally.


  33. What form of payment does Stareast International Pty Ltd accept?
    • ACCOUNT: 30-day accounts are available to approved customers for 30 days after end of month. Three months of trading is required before a 30 day credit account will be considered. You can download the account form by visiting our FIRST TIME VISITORS page. 

    • CREDIT CARDS: Mastercard & Visa is subject to no surcharge on amount less than $5000. AMEX & Diners Club is no longer accepted from Jan 1 2017. Cash Account & Credit Account customers can opt-in for credit card details to be securely stored on our 128bit encrypted servers for future order processing. We cannot store retail customer credit card numbers and they will need to be provided at checkout with each unique order. 

    • PAYPAL: Available to customers using the guest checkout method only. Once final order confirmation has been generated, you will receive an email and a link to pay for this order confirmation and the invoice will be sent only with the goods once payment has been acknowledged.

    • DIRECT DEPOSIT & BPAY: For details please call us from Australia on 02 9792 5988 or from Overseas on +61 2 9792 5988.

    • EFTPOS AND CASH PAYMENTS: Available during opening times on our trade counter. Located at 45 Bryant St Padstow NSW 2211.

    • Cheques are accepted only for account payments. For customers who do not have an account wishing to pay by cheque, the cheque must be cleared before any products can be invoiced, shipped or given to you.


  34. What's the procedure for changing from paying by cheque to paying by direct deposit?
    The option is yours, we prefer direct deposit or BPAY into our account. You can find this information on any current invoice. 


  35. Can I buy with a credit card or Purchase Order?
    Yes, you can. Please note our credit card surcharges outlines in FAQ 33. If you order online, you can pay by credit card or enter a Purchase Order number if you have an account. You can do the same if your order by phone on:
    • From Australia Phone: 02 9792 5988
    • From Overseas Phone: +61 2 9792 5988
    • From Australia Fax: 02 9792 5944 or from Overseas Fax: +61 2 9792 5944
    • Email: Enquiry Form


  36. What's the procedure for paying by credit card?
    For account credit card payments via Visa or Mastercard, it is best to use your online portal for account payments. It is very secure and is reccomended by our bank for our customers to use. All Diners Club and Amex credit cards are no longer accepted. You are best to call in this information to us on 02 9792 5988 or international phone +61 2 9792 5988. We generally do not store credit card information unless we have your express permission.


  37. How can I ask for technical information or help?
    Please contact Stareast International Pty Ltd via either:
    • From Australia Phone: 02 9792 5988
    • From Overseas Phone: +61 2 9792 5988
    • From Australia Fax: 02 9792 5944 or from Overseas Fax: +61 2 97925944
    • Email: Enquiry Form

    When making any technical enquiries, please provide all information in detail.


  38. Where can I get an MSDS sheet for products I have ordered?
    All MSDS we have available can now be found on the MSDS Navigation Tab above or if you CLICK HERE. If the required MSDS is not listed, and it is a refrigerant you have purchased from us, please contact our friendly staff from Australia on phone 02 97925988 or from Overseas on phone +61 2 9792 5988 Alternatively fill out our Enquiry Form to arrange the MSDS to be emailed back or have one faxed to you.


  39. Where does the issue of licensing and compliance come in?
    The law obligates us to demonstrate diligence in ensuring that Stareast International Pty Ltd products are purchased and used and installed by qualified individuals. We always endeavour to keep up with the ever changing laws in relation to licensing and qualifications rights. We also try to promote the refrigeration and air-conditioning code of practice to many tradesmen and what equipment and licences they must have to comply with the code.


  40. What other restrictions might affect the way I do business with Stareast International Pty Ltd Pty Ltd?
    There could be a number of things. There may be products that we can not sell to individuals who are not qualified. Delivery of chemicals or gases to residential addresses is a problem because there is no way to ensure immediate receipt, which is necessary to keep the material from falling into the wrong hands. You must have a licence and an authorised address as it is illegal for our company to sell refrigerant under the Ozone Protection Acts in Australia.


  41. Does Stareast International Pty Ltd regularly ship its products to foreign markets?
    Yes, Stareast International Pty Ltd is a leading supplier of refrigeration equipment, air conditioning installation equipment, appliance spare parts and other tools and equipment to a broad range of customers in all the world markets.


  42. Can Stareast International Pty Ltd supply products in Full Container Loads (FCL)?
    Yes. Stareast International Pty Ltd sells quantities of many products; some examples are: copper piping, copper piping insulation, various high quality appliance spare parts such as fan motors, flaring tools, copper elbows, and quality equipment for air conditioning, refrigeration, hot water systems elements, thermostats, stoves elements, washer pumps, dryer timers and dishwasher's hoses and many more.


  43. What if i need an urgent part(s) outside your normal trade counter operating hours?
    It might be possible to arrange a pick-up time. You will however need to contact our after hours phone number on 02 9792 5988 (option 2). Please note that there will be a $100 fee (plus GST) as well as a minimum order size of $200 (plus GST).