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Hanwest P/N: HAN-L62 & PCB-132HP/10

The HAN-L62/PCB-132 when supplied contains the following items:

A) HAN-L62 room wall control and mounting plate.
B) PCB-132 power relay board (already fitted inside PBEC-L62)

C) PBEC-L62 vented power board enclosure.
D) 1 off Indoor coil system warm up sensor (connected to PCB). For 2 Stage, order an additional sensor.
E) 10 metre interconnecting lead. (20 metre extended interconnecting lead optionally available).



Model HAN-L62HP for reverse cycle (heat pump) air conditioners.

This model is suitable for 1 stage cool / 1 stage heat with optional boost heat or 2 stage cool / 2 stage heat with optional boost electric heat. (Boost electric heat operation is dipswitch selectable.)

The HAN-L62

The ultimate in comfort control
The 2009 HAN-L62 Controller - Providing the Latest in control technology, and with its ease of operation allows you to control your environment to suit your needs. With its sleek and modern design, this controller will blend in with any style of decor.


- Heat, cool & auto modes
- 3 speed fan with auto & constant operation
- 7 day programmable timer
- Backlit LCD display
- Sleep mode
- Additional 12hr run on/run off timer
- Filter clean reminder
- Key lock function




The HAN-L62 is equipped with the latest composite backlit display with all necessary operational information clearly displayed and is easy to read even in poorly lit areas. The display is illuminated when any control button is pressed and will switch OFF up to 30 seconds after the last button is pressed


At any time the HAN-L62 provides you with the choice of four operational modes at the touch of a button.

FAN: ln this mode only the indoor will run to provide air circulation.

DRY: Dry mode is used on more temperate days to reduce the humidity.

COOL: During warm to hot weather the system will operate to provide comfort cooling.

HEAT: ln cooler weather the control will operate on heating to maintain a cosy atmosphere.

AUTO: With AUTO mode selected during changeable weather the HAN-L62 will automatically switch the air conditioner to COOL or HEAT mode to maintain indoor conditions at a comfortable level. 



This function is to prevent unauthorised persons tampering with control settings. lt is enabled by pressing the SLEEP tab for 5 seconds. This will lock all user operations with the exception of the ON/OFF button to prevent tampering with the control settings. To disable the keylock function the SLEEP tab is pressed for a further 5 seconds. When the keylock is enabled the word KEYLOCK will be displayed in the top left hand segment of the LCD display


The HAN-L62 allows you to select the control temperature in increments of 0.5°C so that you can achieve a closer comfort level. The programmable time clock also allows you to set different temperatures for various times of day or night to reduce operating costs.
The HAN-L62 also has a SLEEP function and when set will automatically raise the set point temperature in summer or lower it in winter while you sleep for comfort and reduce air conditioning operating costs. The SLEEP mode can be terminated by two methods. The first is when you are going to bed set the countdown timer to the number of hours that you wish the sleep mode to operate This method will not repea automatically. The second method is to set a programme time off at time you want the air conditioning to stop after you go to bed. This off function will repeat automatically for the days the programme is set.



For your added convenience the HAN-L62 allows a second wall control to be installed with one located in the living area and a second installed in the bedroom areas. With a second HAN-L62 even greater flexibility of operation is achieved as with 6 programmable ON/OFF times in each HAN-L62 control a total of 12 programmed ON /OFF periods can be set. Day time settings can be programmed in the living area control and night time settings set in the bedroom area control. The HAN-L62 can be set to automatically change control of the air conditioning from the living to the bedroom area control and back again at the desired times.

Zone Control
Where ON/OFF zone control is required. the addition of the PCB-086 zone relay board allows up to 6 zones to be switched from the HAN-L62 control

Remote Temperature Sensors
ln buildings where a single system serves several rooms or in large showroom areas multiple temperature sensors can be installed to sample the temperature at selected locations and average the temperature from these locations for more accurate system control.

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