• Engineered Solutions: Including the design, manufacture and supply of cool rooms, refrigeration units and spare parts
  • Mechanical Engineering Consultants
  • Engineering specialists: Tailor-made solutions such as EVCO PLC programming e.g. Modbus, CANBus, BACnet etc
  • Design and manufacture of Mechanical Service Switch Boards (MSSB)
  • CAD Design solutions for air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems to meet relevant Australian standards such as AS 1668-1, 2 & 4
  • Design Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System to meet AS1668 standard and suppliers of kitchen canopy hood
  • Supply of DURKEESOX duct for air-conditioning project
  • Testo IAQ certified equipment

Our engineers are qualified in:

  • Refrigeration Engineering
  • System Analysis and testing 
  • Special refrigeration projects 
  • Refrigerants suppliers and filling
  • Applications design and concept
  • Psychrometrics Charts 
  • Condensing and evaporator coils design and manufacturing 
  • Hydronics for Chiller and cooling tower applications. Pump and impeller selections
  • AutoCAD to produce engineering drawings
  • Thermodynamics 
  • Programming PLCs refrigeration
  • Refrigerants supplier and advisory
  • Other HVAC&R applications

Our engineers have over 40 years of experience in the Refrigeration, Appliance and Air-Conditioning industry. 

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For further information please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. 

From Australia phone 02 9792 5988 and from overseas phone +61 2 9792 5988.


Mechanical Ventilation Design


Apartment Ventilation and A/C Design                                                         Typical Riser To The Roof


  Non-Essential MSSB with Vacon/Danfoss VSDs                                             Essential Diesel Pump MSSB-E



Essential Diesel Pump MSSB-E                                                  Non-Essential MSSB with EVCO PLC


Non-Essential Car Park MSSB Wiring Diagram                                               Non-Essential A/C Wiring Diagram 


Testo IAQ