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  1. What's the best reason for me to consider Stareast International Pty Ltd as my supplier?

    Since we are a primary distributor of a wide range of HVAC&R equipment, spare parts and refrigerant as well as appliance spare parts, it is very likely that we can provide you with the product you need at the most competitive price and with the personal service that you require. We also invite you to look at our "First Time Visitors" page for more information on what we can offer. 

    There is also an opportunity for Stareast International Pty Ltd to assist in enhancing and improving the service quality that you personally or your organisation currently provides by using Stareast International's quality range of products. The friendly team at Stareast International Pty Ltd are courteous and always willing to provide the best knowledge and expert advice by offering solutions to meet your personal or your organisation's requirements.

    You become the expert and receive the correct products and technical guidance when you need it – from our highly experienced engineers

    You will win more jobs - as we customise our equipment to meet your exact customer needs

    Never miss a customer opportunity – as our product information and technical data is available 24/7 through our online website

    In addition, we strive to maintain a competitive price while not compromising quality as a result. As your business expands, our organisation has the ability to meet any quantity demand of items your business may require at the most competitive price. We would like to assist in playing a part in growing your business and helping increase your profits by supplying our products at the most competitive price available. 

  2. Opening an Account with Stareast; How do I open a credit trading account? Am I a reseller, trade or wholesale customer?

    Stareast International requires at least 3 months of COD trading before a 30-DAY credit account with us can be considered. We will be able to inform you whether you are eligible for a credit account on application. Please note: our terms of trade are 30 days from End Of Month. You can visit our "First Time Visitors" page for more information about both our COD account and 30-DAY account applications process in addition to the required pdf forms available for download.

    Once your customer file is set up you will have access to our online trade/wholesale pricing. Stareast will determine wether or not you qualify for standard online, trade or wholesale pricing on a customer by customer basis. Please speak to one of our friendly staff to enquire.



  3. Who do I speak to if I have a query regarding my account?

    Please contact Stareast International Pty Ltd via either:

    • From Australia - Phone: 02 9792 5988
    • From Overseas - Phone: +61 2 9792 5988
    • From Australia Fax: 02 9792 5944 or From Overseas Fax: +61 2 9792 5944
    • Email: Enquiry Form

    - and ask for customer accounts.


  4. How do I get my name on Stareast International's mailing list?

    With over 10,000 product lines available and more and more products being added annually, Stareast International Pty Ltd has a responsibility to keep customers informed of new items, promotional items and newsletters relating to important updates occurring within our business. To ensure you stay up to date, we suggest you add yourself to our mailing list. 

    The easiest way to join the Stareast mailing list is to subscribe by clicking here and entering your details. Please note after you enter and submit your information you MUST still confirm your details by going to the initial email that is sent to your Inbox. Simply click the embedded link to verify your email address and you're all done (2 step verification via Mailchimp).

    If you change your email address please inform us so that we can update your details. Alternatively, you can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time, and simply re-subscribe with your new details. 

  5. How do I order online? What other methods are there of ordering from you other than online?

    Stareast provides many acceptable ways for you to place your order, but as always, we prefer your orders are made online. Stareast is now a Global Online Shop adn can deliver anywhere around the world with accurate product and shipping costs.

    Simply do a search in our store, browse by category or head over to our "CATALOGUES" page to see what we have on offer. You can then even go to our "EXPRESS ORDER" page by entering the part numbers directly and the quantity required.

    If you are a logged in trade or wholesale customer, you will also have access to any PDF technical information we may have associated with the product. If you are properly set up with a unique customer code you will be able to view the online trade and wholesale pricing instead of the default retail pricing. Customers requesting to be identified as either a Trade or Wholesale customer need to be approved by our management staff. See our "FIRST TIME VISITORS" page for more information and to apply for a COD trading account to be able to view our incredible online trade/wholesale pricing.

    Other methods of ordering include phone, fax, email and mail. Details below:

    Calls from within Australia - Phone: 02 9792 5988 or calls from overseas +61 2 9792 5988
    Please only try to order by phone if online ordering and other order methods are unavailable to you

    Fax from within Australia- Fax: 02 9792 5944 or fax from overseas: +61 2 9792 5944
    This fax machine can handle any fax and we guarantee a never busy fax line.

    Email: Enquiry Form or sales@stareast.com.au

    By Mail - Address to:

    Sales Department
    Stareast International Pty Ltd
    PO Box 302
    Padstow NSW 2211

    If posting within Australia, affix a priority stamp as well (if possible) to your envelope so that we can receive your order sooner. Note however this method of ordering is not reccomended by us as posted mail can sometimes get lost in transit. For this reason we prefer a faxed / emailed / phoned in / or online order so please only submit your order via mail if these methods are unavailable to you. 

  6. Your website does not allow me to order the part i require? What if I need to know urgently whether a product is available and in the quantities required?

    Our staff here at Stareast work hard to try and keep the stock available for online purchase as accurate as possible. However sometimes you may incur website error messages that does not allow you to add your required quantity to cart or the item is stated as unavailable for online purchase. Please contact Stareast International Pty Ltd so that we can hopefully resolve these types of issues by confirming with you wether or not the information provided for the particular item is indeed accurate. 

    If you choose to email/fax us, a response will be provided most likely within the same business day or overnight.


  7. Do you have any reference material or user guide on how to use your website?

    Yes we do. You can view our Stareast Website User Guide by "CLICKING HERE". If you require any further assistance, please get in touch with us. 


  8. How secure is the Stareast International Pty Ltd website? What is SSL, how does it work and exactly how secure is it?

    At Stareast, we take online security very seriously. That is why you can rest assured that all your personal and payment information is safe with our high end SSL certificate secured website. Enjoy peace of mind while you shop with us knowing that Stareast has your online presence protected.

    In addition we offer further levels of security to help safeguard the company and your personal and credit card information by password and encryption. Your password must be entered every time you log on to the Stareast International Pty Ltd website. Remember; always keep your password confidential. 

    The information provided below is NOT legal advice of any kind - it's just intended for informational purposes and is just based on our personal experience with assisting our clients understanding SSL certificates:
    * A Standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is a method of encryption of around 256bit encryption or higher that is verified by a trusted certificate provider. These SSL certificates come with a warranty so to speak if someone were to "hack" or otherwise work out a way to get past the encryption/security.
    * A Premium SSL certificate is an encryption that's secured at a higher level where that same trusted certificate provider is further secured by a globally trusted certificate provider. Warranties for this level of certificate are usually somewhat more considerable than a Standard SSL certificate.
    * An EV SSL Certificate is about the "highest" form of certificate you can get (this is what the Stareast website uses) although it is really not much different to a Premium SSL certificate. It legitimises with extended validation our business details so that it also displays our company name with a trusted green address bar providing peace of mind to our clients that they KNOW the website they're on is definitely legitimate. 


  9. How do you ensure my privacy is protected? What are your terms and conditons of sale?

    For our Privacy Policy, please "CLICK HERE"

    For our Terms & Conditions, please "CLICK HERE" 

  10. What courier services are offered by Stareast? How much will I be charged for postage or delivery?

    Stareast currently use 4 main courier services. Australia Post, Direct Freight, Interparcel (International only) and a same day Sydney Carrier (Varies). Please see our "FREIGHT & HANDLING" page for more information. This guide will explain in detail how we charge for both freight and handling and the methods we use in determining which service is used for your order and location. 


  11. My products have not arrived yet. When will they be delivered? How long until my order arrives?

    If you have provided us with an email address at the time of your order, or you are a credit/cash account customer with a current and valid email address stored with us, you will receive an email with detailed tracking numbers and carrier information once your order has been dispatched and picked up by the courier via IFS (Integrated Freight Systems). Please regularly check your email accounts for such information when it becomes available.

    This page has a lot of useful information regarding delivery times. In general, delivery times vary depending on your location and the type of items being sent. For example, within Sydney metro, your order should arrive the next working day if your order is placed before the 2pm AEST cut-off time. For other areas, it may take between one and five working days to arrive depending on the area the goods will be delivered to. Stareast currently use Fastway Couriers,  Toll Ipec and Australia Post to dispatch goods. Metro areas within Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong are just some of the zones where we offer a next day delivery service. If orders are placed before the 2pm AEST cut off time for these areas, Stareast together with these freight services can ensure your parts are recieved the next business day.

    New Zealand shipments are air-freighted and 2-3 working days is the ETA for delivery. International shipments are also air-freighted and the ETA of delivery is around one to three weeks depending on the selected delivery option at checkout. A clearer ETA can be provided by just asking us before you place the order. Also note for all international shipments, you may be subject to a customs and/or import tax that is payable once the items arrive to you. We cannot provide assistance with the details of these respective charges. If you do not have an email address, or there are issues surrounding your order delivery, you can check your order status by contacting our friendly staff on phone 02 97925988 or international +61 2 9792 5988. Alternatively, you can also fill out our Enquiry Form.

  12. What if my order does not arrive?

    Please check your tracking details if possible that should have been emailed to you to ensure the order is still inside the delivery time frame. If it is outside the delivery time frame and the order is clearly delayed, please contact Stareast International Pty Ltd IMMEDIATELY via either:
    • From Australia Phone: 02 9792 5988
    • From Overseas Phone: +61 2 9792 5988
    • From Australia Fax: 02 9792 5944 or from Overseas Fax: +61 2 9792 5944
    • Email: Enquiry Form

    When making enquiries about your order, please provide your account number, order number and any other order information we can use to locate the original order in our system.

    Courier websites and tracking information will be provided on request if your order has not arrived. Our staff are capable of searching for your goods immediately and are able to give answers to your questions usually on the spot. As you can imagine, there are many variables that can ascertain as to why a delivery has not or could not be made. We ask you for your patience and understanding with our staff while they swiftly try to resolve this rare type of enquiry. 


  13. What will the invoice tell me about the status of my order?

    The invoice will list products supplied and items that could not be supplied with the appropriate status of those products and items. In the event an item cannot be supplied, a member of staff will get in touch with you before the order is dispatched.

    The invoice also lists the number of items with a decimal point, i.e. a qty of 1.0 instead of just 1 item. This is due to the fact Stareast also makes available for purchase refrigerant that can be sold to the nearest 100g, eg. 5.4KG. Along side this will be the price, price of total items and price with GST (for delivery addresses within Australia).

    The invoice will also have clearly marked the date of purchase, our invoice number, and any other relevant information concerning your order. We reccomend you retain and hold on to all invoices provided by us for your own record keeping. 

  14. If an item I wish to purchase is unavailable, can the item be backordered?

    Stareast no longer use a backorder system when items are unavailable for purchase at the time of order. If a product is unavailable you will be contacted via phone or email with either an ETA or a notice to state the item is no longer being stocked. You will also be asked if your remaining order (if any) is still required, and if so, we will also state on the invoice items that were ordered and why it could not be fullfilled (including ETA's if known). For more information, please get in touch with us and fill out our Enquiry Form or call 02 9792 5988.


  15. If I place orders on-line via Stareast International's web page, do I need to re-key the orders in order to have a hard copy for my own records?

    No, you do not. When you have placed the order, you will be given a unique order number for that order. The order number, in conjunction with the order details can be printed off if required via the order confirmation email that is sent to you or through your user portal.

    If you use your own internal accounting system that generates it's own purchase order numbers, we can include this number on the invoice we generate for your orders. For COD trade customers, please include this in the comments section of your online order. For 30-day account customers, a purchase order number is required to successfully place items on account. 



  16. Returns policy, How do I do this?

    For information about our returns policy, CLICK HERE


  17. What forms of payment can be accepted? What's the procedure for paying by credit card?

    For information about our accepted payment types, CLICK HERE


  18. How long can I hold an item or an order before payment? What is your policy on special order items?

    For non-account customers, it would be best to speak to a customer service representative if you are making an order for payment at a future date. Generally, we do not hold stock and require the order and payment at the same time. For account customers, we can invoice the items required when the order is received and dispatch the goods at a later date on request.

    Special order items require the invoice to be immediately generated and payment made in full before the item can be sourced on your behalf. There is a no returns policy for these types of items.  

    • NOTE: Some stock is limited and thus some requests for order holds will not be made available.


  19. How can I ask for technical information or help?

    Please contact Stareast International Pty Ltd via either:
    • From Australia Phone: 02 9792 5988
    • From Overseas Phone: +61 2 9792 5988
    • From Australia Fax: 02 9792 5944 or from Overseas Fax: +61 2 97925944
    • Email: Enquiry Form

    When making any technical enquiries, please provide all information in detail. Please also note due to duty of care laws, we will be unable to provide technical assistance to individuals who are not relevantly licensed to install or make use of the item in question. Please have your credentials ready at the time of your call. 


  20. Where can I get a MSDS for a product I have ordered?

    All MSDS we have available can now be found on the MSDS Navigation Tab above or if you CLICK HERE. If the required MSDS is not listed, and it is a refrigerant you have purchased from us, please contact our friendly staff from Australia on phone 02 97925988 or from Overseas on phone +61 2 9792 5988 Alternatively fill out our Enquiry Form to arrange the MSDS to be emailed back or have one faxed to you.


  21. Where does the issue of licensing, compliance and restriction come in?

    The law obligates us to demonstrate diligence in ensuring that Stareast International Pty Ltd products are purchased and used and installed by qualified individuals. We always endeavour to keep up with the ever changing laws in relation to licensing and qualifications rights. We also try to promote the refrigeration and air-conditioning code of practice to many tradesmen and what equipment and licences they must have to comply with the code. There may also be products that we can not sell to individuals who are not qualified. For example, delivery of chemicals or gases to residential addresses is a problem because there is no way to ensure immediate receipt, which is necessary to keep the material from falling into the wrong hands. You must have a valid licence, an authorised address and meet some other requirements as it is illegal otherwise for our company to sell, for example, refrigerant under the Ozone Protection Acts in Australia.


  22. What if I need an urgent part(s) outside your normal trade counter operating hours?

    It might be possible to arrange a pick-up time. You will however need to contact our after hours phone number on 02 9792 5988 (option 2). Please note that there will be between a $100-$250 fee to open our premesis on request (plus GST based on date and time) as well as a minimum order size of $100 (plus GST).